3 Themed Party Ideas For A Good Time On The Royal Albatross

How do you to make yacht parties extra fun and last longer? Here are some ideas that will get your party buzzing before it even starts. After all, trying out different outfits in preparation for the gathering always gets people talking and makes for an exciting process.

For this reason, themed parties set the perfect stage for your creativity to shine, giving you limitless opportunities to go crazy with your get-ups and programmes.

And if you’re lucky enough to be hosting an event, a well-thought theme can be an excellent source of inspiration for the kinds of deco you’d want. Beyond the costumes or dress code, you can further the immersion into a different era or place.

On that note, why not up the ante and host your next jamboree on a luxurious tall ship? You’d still be able to come up with all kinds of unique ideas — the only remarkable difference? You’d be partying with the backdrop of the sea.

That being said, here are three kinds of themed parties you’d totally want to have onboard the majestic Royal Albatross.

1. Nautical Theme

themed parties on yacht: royal albatross

If you’re a party planner who believes that the “genius is in the obvious”, then the nautical theme is a no-brainer.

With the Royal Albatross as your ultimate prop, be your own captain and sail the high seas with a sailor’s uniform, greeting guests with a tip of your peaked cap.

Alternatively, you could impress with the classic blue and white combination, a definitive colour palette that dives right into the heart of all things nautical.

2. Hollywood Theme

ball party on yacht

A popular idea amongst seasoned party goers, this theme always gets it right. After all, it’s how the stars do it!

Furthermore, a significant advantage of this theme is its flexibility. Are you a fan of soccer legend David Beckham, or are you a pop diva at heart and would instead dress as his wife, fashion icon Victoria Beckham? For this particular theme, either is fine!

And who said geeks can’t do the red carpet? With the Avengers making multiple appearances on the big screen, Hollywood is just as much about the Incredible Hulk and Thor as it is about singers and actors.

The Hollywood theme is for anyone. And the sky’s the limit with what you can do with it.

3. En Blanc Theme

yacht party singapore

Minimalism is undoubtedly in trend. And there are few things more minimalist than an all-white party.

On that note, having a simple, streamlined and elegant party is a different way of doing things — perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of colour-coordinating everything in sight.

Best for a company dinner event, the en Blanc theme also has deep ties to all things delicious. Hence, this idea is excellent for hosts whose guests are unapologetic foodies!


It’s easy to see that themed parties double the fun. Hence, for an enjoyable time, you should hold your next themed party onboard the Royal Albatross!​


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