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Tickets can be bought at Royal Albatross Ticket Booth adjacent to our berth at RWS, RWS attractions ticketing booths, through any RWS travel agent or directly from Royal Albatross website at www.tallship.com.sg/products/

Tickets are valid for six months from the date of issue and the date maybe changed free of charge (unlimited times) up to 3 prior to the selected sailing date. A $75++ change fee is payable if less than 3 days notice is given.

If you purchased your ticket from any RWS attractions ticketing booth, please go to our customer portal by clicking “Check In” at the top right corner of our website (www.tallship.com.sg). If your ticket was issued electronically, please click the unique reference in the email you received with the ticket. If you have purchased a ticket directly from us or an on-line travel agent; but not yet received an email with the ticket, please email reservations@staging.tallship.com.sg. A $75++ change fee applied if less than 3 days notice is given.

Once tickets are purchased they cannot be cancelled, however, the date can be changed upto 3 days prior to the selected sailing date and they are transferable to another party at any time before checking-in. Once a passenger has checked-in the tickets cannot be transferred.

The following refund policy applies:
• Ticket expires – no refund
• Guest no show – no refund
• Sailing or ticket cancelled due to fault of TSA – Full refund
All refunds at transaction price must be supported by a valid receipt. The refund will be issued through the same channel as the ticket was purchased.

Tickets can be purchased up to 2 hours before the ship sets sail (subject to capacity availability) however anyone purchasing less than 24 hours in advance will need to manually check-in. All guests are reminded to bring their passport or Singapore government issued NRIC. The sailing schedule is available on Tall Ship Adventures’ official website: www.tallship.com.sg

The serial number is the 18 digit number printed on the front of the ticket. For your convenience, you may enter the last 6 digits only (and the PIN).

The PIN is issued at the point of purchase and is for security purposes. It is required after entering the ticket serial number.

A passport or Singapore government issued NRIC. The same ID must be entered into the customer portal.

Children (under 18) cannot check-in online. They will be checked-in manually by their parent/guardian upon arrival. To save time, please enter their details into the customer portal.

Like most yachts, boarding is via a gangway and movement onboard requires guests to be able to walk short distances, to step over door sills, traverse up and down steps. We therefore cannot permit wheelchairs onboard. If you need assistance, please do contact us at least three days in advance by emailing reservations@staging.tallship.com.sg


Our cruises are normally between 2 and 3 hours. We sail around the Island of Sentosa heading
back to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Some of the cruises include dinner and most of them include
a welcome drink and entertainment. Please check our sailing schedule and “what’s included” for
the details of each cruise as they do vary.

The cruise is on a Historic Sailing Yacht, and that in itself is a unique experience. During the cruise, guest can experience stunning sunsets from the remarkable vantage point out at sea, admire the beautiful southern islands and gaze at the sparkling city lights while enjoying live entertainment.

We are a rain or shine event and unless the weather is unsafe to sail, the ship will depart on time. If rain is forecast, you may want to bring light protective clothing with you such as a plastic poncho or cagoule. That said, the crew will deploy awnings that cover the Upper Deck in the event of rain and guests are always welcome to move to the Well Deck and the Grand Salon on the Main Deck which is fully enclosed and air-conditioned.

As is customary for all yachts, shoes need to be removed before boarding. The reason is both for safety and to protect the decking and carpeting. Our crew will properly store before boarding. Royal Albatross’ external decks are made from a special marine cork that is extremely comfortable to walk

There are many factors that would determine the number of sails that we put up, such as the weather, how the ship is loaded, the wind speed and gust, our heading and the wind direction. We also will consider the comfort and the amount of heel (lean) our guests can accept; but above all, the safety of the guests on-board considering we are serving food and beverages. As safety onboard is always our primary concern, we will trim the sails according to these factors and natural conditions.

Interesting fact – According to the international maritime rules of the road, all vessels “under power” must give way to vessels “under sail”. However as Singapore is one of the world busiest shipping ports, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has mandated that all sailing vessels shall give way to powered vessels. Therefore all sailing vessels are required to have their engine running so they are technically “under power” while underway.

Smoking is allowed on the lower deck designated area only, kindly confirm the designated area with our ship’s crew during sailing and before lighting up.

The Royal Albatross is an ocean-going super yacht that weighs in at 270 tonnes with a massive keel to keep her upright and stable. Very occasionally, a passenger may experience some discomfort, in which case we recommend that they stay on the upper deck for fresh air, with their eyes on a fixed object. Ginger is well known for helping to relieve nausea and can be requested from the ship’s crew if required. For more information about stability of the Royal Albatross and why it’s unlikely you’ll experience sea sickness, please view our video here.

Children above the age of 4 are allowed on the cruise at child rates (if available) provided that each child is accompanied and supervised by an adult. Children under 4 (infants) are also allowed onboard BUT SUBJECT TO the prior approval of the captain or management of the Company.

Some of our cruises however (mainly those departing 8pm or later) can be adult only, so please check the details for each cruise

The food menu varies depending upon the cruise – please check product pages for details. We serve our food using daily fresh products. Not all sail packages include food, so please check the products page for more information.

Yes, but if you have any special dietary requirements, please email reservations@staging.tallship.com.sg at least three days in advance.

No, our kitchen is not Halal certified however we do not use pork or lard in our ingredients. We are a no pork and no lard event venue.

Yes absolutely, please email any special request to reservations@staging.tallship.com.sg. Additional charges may apply

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