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Yacht Overview

The Royal Albatross is the definition of unique – she’s one of a kind and not found anywhere in the world. She offers an exceptional experience of bonding with your loved ones over a fine selection of premium dishes and beverages against the backdrop of a panoramic skyline creating memories that last a lifetime.

  • Equipped with 4 Masts, 22 Sails and 200 Ropes
  • 60,000 Customisable RGB Lights
  • Sailing Capacity: 130 PAX
  • Dockside Capacity: 150 PAX
  • 5-Star Restaurant Grade Galley
Upper Foredeck

The Foredeck is the most sought-after location on the ship. There is nothing quite as thrilling as standing on an open deck with the white sails billowing above you and the crisp sea breeze in your hair.

  • Seating Capacity: 60 Pax
  • Standing Capacity: 90 Pax
  • Fast Deploying Awnings
  • Full Equipped with Audio and Visual System
Upper Aft Deck

The Aft Deck gives you the best 360-degree views of the picturesque skyline. With the Bar, Capstan Table, and Flying Seat, you will feel like you’re hovering across the waters.

  • Seating Capacity: 40 PAX
  • Standing Capacity: 60 PAX
  • Bar and 2 Music Stages Equipped with AV System
  • Flying Seat
Grand Salon

Our luxurious Grand Salon is a spectacular example of Royal Albatross’ uniqueness. Carpeted and handcrafted using 100 year-old hardwood, it eludes charisma and charm while supporting incredible acoustics making it perfect for discerning clients, and corporate and private events.

  • Seating Capacity: 40 PAX
  • Standing Capacity: 60 PAX
  • Light and Airy with 270° Views
  • Air Conditioned and Fully Functioning Bar
  • AV Music Stage and 65″ TV
Owner's Cabin

Royal Albatross’ lower deck has 4 en-suite guest cabins and a 402m crown jewel – its Owner’s Cabin with every amenity to suit a billionaire’s lifestyle. Equipped with customisable ambiance mood lighting throughout, the Owner’s Cabin is sure to leave an indelible memory in your heart.

  • 5 Onsite Ocean View Cabins
  • Handcrafted Wood Carvings
  • Ambient Mood Lighting
  • Oversized Shower Rooms
  • Overnight Charters: 10 PAX
Dock Side / Sea Wall

Our unique Dockside and Sea Wall doubles up as an extended venue to accommodate large gatherings of up to 400 pax. Dine alfresco while being surrounded by a picturesque scenery encompassing the panoramic views of the sea. Whether you need a butler service, live station or unique decorations, enjoy the flexibility of being able to cater to all your events.

  • Large gatherings of up to 400 pax
  • Alfresco dining
  • Panoramic view
  • Decorations