Planning an event? Do you want it to be unique, spectacular, and memorable? Whether is it a company dinner, party, wedding, or celebration, event planners often want something out of the ordinary. You do not want to see the same four walls that hosted your cousins’ wedding!

Finding a unique venue in Singapore is a dream for all event organisers as it sets the mood, and builds up the emotions of your guests even before the event starts. Creating a memorable event is important too and the venue matters when you want your guests remembering more than just the high ceilings.

But for a country like Singapore that takes less than 2 hours to get from end to end, it might be a little challenging.

After all, most of us will think that we have seen everything Singapore has to offer.

Well, here is a list that might help you out if you need to find a venue unique enough to create the most memorable event possible.



Pollen, unique event venue in the heart of Gardens By the Bay. For your outdoor dining in an European Spring ambiance.

Outdoors without the blistering heat? Or the uncertainty of rain?

The weather here in Singapore is not the most predictable. This will be difficult for most event planners as uncertainty is the dampener of scheduling.

Well, what if we tell you that there is an event venue that is both outdoors and indoors?

Yes, Pollen is the answer!

A unique and exquisite fine dining venue located in the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay, Pollen sure is a special event venue. Your guest will definitely remember your event as it is in the most iconic place of modern Singapore: Gardens by the Bay.

An F&B destination, Pollen seats 200pax and has a feature in the 2019 Michelin Guide. The ambient temperature of the Flower Dome is about 20 degrees Celsius ensuring a cool climate for all your guests.

Pollen is definitely a nice touch if you want to plan a unique event with the ambiance of Spring in the European countryside.

Pollen is located at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-09, Singapore 018953, +65 6604 9988.


Super Yacht Royal Albatross 

Royal Albatross, unique event venue in Sentosa. Impress your guest with a moving event venue on a super yacht

Hosting an event on a super yacht might sound something only a billionaire can afford.

But that is not true!

Depending on how you value your event, having the super yacht Royal Albatross as a venue costs about the same as booking out event spaces at other not so unique spaces here in Singapore.

The 47-meter long Barquentine has a seating capacity of over 200 pax and a sailing capacity of 149 pax. The Royal Albatross operates through rain or shine, and weather will not hinder any event or dining experience.

Your guest will be treated to 360 panoramic views of Singapore during the sail. As well as 2 on board fully stocked bars!

Your guest will definitely be left with memories of Singapore they have never seen before. Create an instantly memorable event in the most unique way possible.

Super Yacht Royal Albatross is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269, +65 6863 9585


MM Galleri Singapore Showroom

MM Galleri Singapore Showroom, a state of the art, futuristic, and unique event venue in Singapore

Impress your guest with an out of the planet experience by hosting your event at MM Galleri Singapore Showroom.

As a result of the all marble design and concept, MM Galleri Singapore Showroom resembles that of a cave. But a really futuristic and luxurious cave. Therefore hosting your event at MM Galleri Singapore’s unique, all marble showroom, will instantly make your event memorable.

The MM Galleri Singapore’s concept stems from its incredible marbling work and design.

MM Galleri Showroom is located in Jurong and has a seating capacity of 100. 

MM Galleri Singapore Showroom is located at 6 Chin Bee Avenue, 4th Floor, Singapore 619930, +65 6266 3987


Wheeler’s Estate 

Wheeler's Estate, classic and timeless unique event venue

(Image credits: Samuel Goh Photography)

Tucked just beside Seletar Airport, far away from the city, lies Wheeler’s Estate.

The former British Military Air Base, has now been transformed in a unique and exquisite event venue. The 2-acre wide venue is definitely going to host a lot of people. But the seating capacity of the restaurant on the second-floor seats 120pax.

Although, having both indoor and outdoor spaces makes add versatility for event planners.

Wheeler’s Estate houses a restaurant and a bar.

Above all, if you do not mind going out of your way for exclusivity, Wheeler’s Estate is definitely a place for you to consider.

Wheeler’s Estate is located at 2 Park Lane, Singapore 798386, +65 6262 0001



So we have compared 4 unique places to host your event in Singapore for you. Listing down the seating capacity to help you make more informed decisions as a result.

The venue of the event matters, but it is not everything. Ultimately, it comes down to you. The content, the people, and how you use the space.

Event planning is not easy, and we wish you the best in planning your next event!


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