Dogs are our best friends and for many of us, we’ve bonded even closer since working from home.  Even so, our dogs still get pretty bored lazing around at home all day, while we work on our laptops and chat on the phone. It will be great to find the most unique dog treats here in Singapore.

So what new unique dog treats are there in store for us pawrents and furkids right here on this island?

Pet Treat Takeout

Treats galore, if edible treats are the first thing that comes to mind you are not wrong; but there are lots of other goodies your dog will love like chew toys, balls, puzzles, etc. Dogs like their owners, are choosy and so go somewhere that offers a good variety of items to select from. We would recommend that you check out Perromart, with their massive product range that is delivered straight to your doorstep. Perfect for ordering straight from your PC between Zoom calls!

Pet Day Out

Of course, your dog will remind you several times a day. They will want to go out for a walk as they know the exercise is good for you too!  We recommend that you head outdoors into the fresh air at least once a day, away from the crowds, and to recharge both yourself and your furkid.  If you haven’t checked this out already, we recommend taking a walk down the Rail corridor. The Rail Corridor is a former railway line and nature preservation that stretches 24km north to south of Singapore. Perfect for the starter trail as if you should ever get lost you could just follow the train track back to civilization.

Special Pet Occasions

Credit © Momo Studio Singapore |

Nothing beats this one; treating your best friend to fresh sea air onboard Asia’s only luxury tall ship. Plus you will let them dine at the same table as their pawrents.  The ultimate treat as they will not only get bags of treats when they board; our cute guests will be dining on their own gourmet 3-course meal that is prepared to be served alongside your own 3-course dinner.  Dogs no longer need to sit in a lonely corner, and instead, they can have your undivided attention with amazing sea views. Views that they will never get to see during walks in the parks or inside the 4 walls of the café. Be mesmerized by the ship’s 4 towering masts and 22 sails and escape thinking of times and memories of travels and adventures that you have taken in the past.


Working from home is really the perfect time to get to know and pamper your pet. Treat them right and they will love you back for the rest of their lives. With these Unique Dog treats for the Singaporean Dog.


Find out more about the dog cruise at this link, and find out when we are sailing out again for the Royal Albatross dog cruise.



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