Virtual tourist – Singapore Edition – The Royal Albatross

Welcome to our first edition of virtual tourist Singapore featuring the Royal Albatross. Just as we were getting back to our daily lives, COVID-19 is back causing us to be in a mini lockdown right here in Singapore. A new Phase 2 Heightened Alert announcement means that we are all now asked once again to be good and stay at home. With restaurants and attractions not being able to serve food and beverage on site. We are stuck with having food and essentials delivered to our doorstep. We all need a vacation and to get out of the house. And we hear you so team albatross has put together a nice little montage of some of the best views from the most romantic attraction in Singapore; the Royal Albatross. So, take out your instant noodles and enjoy as we go on our first edition of the virtual tourist; Singapore edition!

Amazing Sunsets

One of the best sights that we will always remember when we are sailing out is the stunning sunsets. The secret to a beautiful sight like this is for the sky not to be overcast. A hot day always helps to get the picture-perfect sunset and nice blue waters. The golden hour is when the sun sparkles on the water and looking across on the horizon you will get to see other ships; rightfully since Singapore has always been a port city through the ages.


Tall Ships like the Royal Albatross used to call on Singapore’s port waters, alongside other ships like the Chinese Junks. The Tall Ships used to stand out every time they visited due to how regal they used to look when they were docked. Our crew used to remember when we had sailed along with a rock formation this really shown the ship in all her elegance. It was in her element, the element of sea exploration and adventure poised against a rock in the background.


Memorable Sails

Another memorable sail for us was the one where we were sailing back; with Marina Bay facing our backs. The beautiful views of the water were perfect that day and the conditions were perfect that we could put up all her 22 sails.


One of the best features of the Royal Albatross is the ability to host amazing parties. We have held them all from hosting Princess Anne and possibly everyone including you. The ship is built in luxury to make birthdays, celebrations, and memorable events stand out in the picture book of time. COVID has made this an even more exquisite and personal affair as we reduced the seating capacity and guests can have more space between the tables and enjoy the amazing views around them.

Spectacular Singapore at Night

This last shot is another one for the memories. Berthed at RWS at night we can see the whole place light up in different bright neon colors. Almost like a painting in the dark. Showing the diversity in the beauty that is seen onboard the Royal Albatross at any time of the day. Showing something magical and different at every turn.


That’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed our first virtual tourist; Singapore edition. See you back onboard soon! Enjoy the fresh breezes on our open deck and the gourmet food that we have prepared just for you on the Royal Albatross. You can also book in advance by checking out our sailing schedule here.


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