Staycations and Getaways in Singapore

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So does the intrusion of our work from home schedule into our personal lives. Most of us might enjoy working from home but for most, it means that we need to get out of the house more to decompress on the weekends. Here are some ideas for your own personal Singapoliday and getting some sun and fresh air and that treasured Instagram photo!

Step 1: Plan a Staycation

Don’t we all wish to turn on the air-conditioner 24/7 without care for expensive electric bills? Well, you will be able to find very affordable deals on local hotels and even some nicer ones along Sentosa, awake to a nice sea view or perhaps even peacocks outside your door. Sure it isn’t Bali but aren’t you even curious why Singapore is one of the most tourist-friendly cities? If Sentosa is good enough for Donald Trump and Kim Jung-eun, it should be good enough for you right? 😉

Step 2: Go on an Adventure

Sure you have heard about the beaches along Sentosa, and this article would be the same as any other except… Did you know there is a Hidden Beach on Sentosa? Yes, you heard it right a hidden beach! Key in Tanjung Rimau and follow the directions to your own private beach. Or choose to stay at Rasa Sentosa and take an early morning hike to this hidden treasure.

Step 3: Wine and Dine

There is no better way to complete a perfect getaway then going somewhere with a nice sea breeze with wine and dinner. With many places, we find that we are restricted to two choices, comfort or nature. Well, we will let you in on a secret. Your journey to the perfect evening might just be on a ship. A tall ship! The Royal Albatross is Asia’s only traditionally rigged 22 sail tall ship. Experience the evening like no other with a leisurely sail along the Sentosa shoreline. Get pampered on board with a delicious 3-course meal. And experience as the lights of the city sparkles like tiny stars in the water. Just you, your partner, in comfort and enjoying nature.

Image Credit: José Jeuland

Oh did we mention that the City Lights cruise comes with a free one-way limo ride home with the use of “TAKEMEHOME”?

Royal Albatross is one of Singapore’s hidden gems, voted as a top global attraction in TripAdvisor, and critically reviewed as Singapore’s Most Romantic Dining Locations. View the sailing schedule and book your tickets now.


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