Romantic Spots near Popular Staycation Hotels

Bored without anything to do this weekend? Well, It’s the season to uncover some of Singapore’s most romantic spots near popular staycation hotels for all you lovebirds. If you have not used your SRV vouchers some of these places actually allow you to use them. And you can actually plan some really romantic getaways right here in Singapore. Here are two of our favorite Singapoliday itineraries.

Itinerary Theme: The Great Island Escape

Location 1: Sentosa Island > Location 2: Barracks Hotel > Location 3: Royal Albatross
Purpose: Get away from all the hustle and bustle of Life.

The Pre Check-in Breakfast

Nothing shouts out romance as much as a beach picnic, arriving early in the day allows you to reserve the best spots on the beach and not be out in the intense sun. You can prepare your favorite items beforehand and spend the day comparing notes on which Singapore hawker centers are the best. Starting the day out with a picnic is a great way not to intimidate your date and at the same time really spend time together without the distractions of an overcrowded space.

The Hotel of Choice

Barracks hotel is another gem that is worth exploring, some of their suites have their own private pools where you can soak your feet and imagine you are somewhere at a seaside resort on the Gulf of Thailand, and the tranquil setup of the hotel makes for a perfect getaway to spend some private time with your loved ones.

The Amazing Dinner

The last perfect wind-down for this itinerary would be to explore the Royal Albatross, Asia’s only tall ship and critically acclaimed as Singapore’s Most Romantic Restaurant at sea. Get whisked away with the impeccable service and highly rated food that is prepared exclusively onboard the ship. This tall ship has 22 sails and 4 masts and is one of the most recognizable ships in the world. Choose to sail into the golden hour and view the impeccable 360-degree unblocked views of the setting sun, or later into the night where you will experience a beautiful sight of the sparkling buildings flickering in the water and on a clear day a perfect view of the stars above. All this while you are comfortably seated, enjoying dinner with the private company of the one you love. You can even upgrade your 3-course dinner to a 6-course and configure your menu based on the selections offered 72hrs before getting on the sail. Remember to book early to avoid disappointment.


Itinerary Theme: The High Life


Location 1: Deli Sandwiches  > Location 2: The Westin Hotel > Location 3: Omakase Exploration
Purpose: Living it up in the middle of town.

The Pre Check-in Breakfast

If downtown living is what you seek without the crowded shopping centers we have the itinerary for you. One of the most interesting parts of living in central business districts around the world is the access to quick and delicious on the go food. One of the go-to places would be the Deli Sandwich shop called Park Bench Deli along Telok Ayer Street. They have a great choice of sandwiches that will definitely start you right even if you had a bad day before.

The Hotel of Choice

The Westin Hotel is our CBD hotel of choice. Within a short 10min walk from Park Bench Deli, you will find The Westin Singapore which features spacious and luxurious rooms. The hotel even has an outdoor infinity pool giving you the feel of living in an expensive house in your own “Bling Empire” episode.

The Amazing Dinner

To complete the high life, we let you in on a hidden secret. Being in the CBD does have its perks as it’s filled with plenty of choice omakase restaurants. 10 min walk will get you to Jun Omakase, MARUKYU Japanese Dining, Yoyogi, and a list of great omakase restaurants! Don’t believe us? Google Omakase Telok Ayer to find out!

So that sums up our Romantic Spots near Popular Staycation Hotels. Take your pick and have an experience of your life. If you are looking to book onboard the Royal Albatross please check their availability at their online Sailing Schedule. You can also choose to book using SRV on their website as well. Have a great romantic getaway and we hope to sail with you in the near future!


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