Make a wish

– A week in the life of light – 2016 (Season 7)

We receive cold calls for lighting assistance all the time. Sometimes it comes through reference, sometimes through one of the internet links such as our website, LinkedIn, Facebook or even my blog. Quite often there are “charity” requests where our help is asked for a good cause but FOC of course. While I do help out from time to time and certainly help out some friends I generally shun away from it, not because I do not want to give to charity or support the needy, but more because I want be in control of the what, who and when. Once you start responding to these requests, you seem to end up on some “good-doer-list” and they keep chasing and calling you.

Last week I got a call from the Make-a-Wish foundation who have associated themselves with the Tall Ship (The Royal Albatross), one of the few if not only operational 4 mast sailing ships in the world. The association aims to high light the success of the make a wishes, which expects it’s thousands wish sometimes in the coming months. To celebrate the milestone the MaW foundation intents to illuminate the Royal Albatros, moured of Resorts World Sentosa’s Sea Aquarium in the days leading up to the milestone wish. As an exception to my own rules I went to have a look this morning together with my friend the “balloon man” to see how we could help achieve that. We will put our thinking hats on and see what we can come up with…

Light Watch 5-65: The ship is currently docked behind RWS aquarium at the pier facing mainland Singapore. The ship has great attention to details in all aspects including the lighting! LED technology has been used throughout including colourful scene sets and the light up of the sails. It apparently took 4 years to renovate the ship and at full capacity it can accommodate about 150 people. There are a couple of cabins and the captain and a few key crew actually live on board…here is a peek inside.
sailing on sunset with 22 sails royal albatross            


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