Jun 24, 2023

Published on Expat Choice


I had the pleasure of embarking on this extraordinary journey with my family, and I must say, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

Pirates Ahoy! - Review 2 - Royal Albatross

After the kids had had their fill, they were called down to the air conditioned cabin where they were immediately immersed in a series of engaging pirate-themed activities. The crew seamlessly integrated educational elements into the activities, promoting sustainability and instilling a sense of responsibility towards our oceans. The children were captivated as they learnt about marine life and the importance of protecting our seas.

To further enhance the experience, the crew surprised the kids with special frozen chocolate mocktails. Their eyes lit up with joy as they savoured the refreshing concoction, which perfectly complemented the maritime atmosphere. It was heartwarming to see our little pirates embrace the spirit of the adventure with such enthusiasm.

While the young ones eagerly partook in the pirate-themed challenges and games, my husband and I found ourselves a tranquil spot on the upper deck. As we basked in the gentle sea breeze, we couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of the ship and the surrounding vistas (and a bit of peaceful downtime!). The Royal Albatross truly embodied the spirit of adventure and freedom.
The Pirates Ahoy! adventure aboard The Royal Albatross tall ship is a truly unique gem amongst Singapore’s family entertainment offerings and it was evident that The Royal Albatross had spared no effort in creating a truly immersive pirate experience.

If you’re seeking a memorable family excursion (that’s perfect for grandparents too). I wholeheartedly recommend setting sail on The Royal Albatross. Whether you have young buccaneers or seasoned seafarers, this extraordinary voyage will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. So, don your pirate hat, unleash your inner adventurer, and embark on an unforgettable journey with Pirates Ahoy!



Royal Albatross is excited to announce the launch of their first kids sailing experience on-board the only Tall Ship in Asia-Pacific, Pirates Ahoy! Every Sunday, starting Sunday 28 May 2023 at 9am

This unique pirate experience in Singapore will give kids the chance to dress up in their favourite pirate attire and enjoy the pirate life on a real pirate ship, learning all about pirates, Tall Ships and life at sea from the Captain of the Royal Albatross.

Kids will also enjoy special pirate games and activities to develop their pirate skills, with the Pirate Crew from The Royal Albatross.
Kids can also play together with their families during the two-hour sailing experience

Kids will learn about the pirate life and some interesting facts about the Royal Albatross. They’ll also get hands-on experience with some fun pirate games and activities, giving them an authentic look into life on board this unique pirate vessel.

Pirates Ahov! is a new adventure that will be led by the experienced Royal Albatross events team. At the end of the tour, each child will receive a special Young Cadet certificate that marks their successful completion of Pirates Ahoy. Parents are encouraged to get involved too, so you can join in the fun while learning something new together with your children.

The Royal Albatross is majestically berthed adjacent to the Sea Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa and has established itself as a unique and premium attraction for local and international visitors to Singapore, as well as a first-class venue to host private and
corporate events.


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