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Food and romance. Of the hierarchy of needs, are these two basic human needs linked in any way? To some, this link can be surmised in the adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

There is always that moment when you are planning a special romantic dinner date for your partner where you spend a lot of time choosing the menu, ingredients, table settings, and ambience. Beyond logistics, even on Valentine’s Day dinner, couples are always searching for that novel venue that can be called one of the best dating places in Singapore.

Imagine two people sharing that moment in time, through good food, dinner conversation, and a great atmosphere to boot. Dopamine is sure to be coursing through their neurons as they enjoy each other’s company.

Indeed, the expectations come higher with special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or just to celebrate personal achievements. Now, if you are going on your first date, you would want everything to be perfect.

You have asked her out with a clear intention of wooing her. And now this is your stage to set. You might have been friends before and had casual hangouts. But when romance enters into the equation, your friendship has a new dimension, and her expectations will be higher, consciously or not.

This date night is that one day when you can’t be ordering fried rice or take her to your favourite nearby local cuisine, you can always indulge in such activities when your partner is much more comfortable with you perhaps when you have met her on at least 2 or 3 dinner dates before.


predinner on monkey bar royal albatross

A pre-dinner drink is undoubtedly on the cards on the first date, invite her out to an exclusive rooftop restaurant perhaps at sunset and get the ball rolling with a little alcohol in both of your systems to ease those nerves.


charcoal barbecue steak royal albatross
Choose a restaurant which is close-by, in case she gets peckish early, avoid messy food items and select something sexy from the menu which is easy on the palette and easy to handle as well. An excellent choice of the restaurant will be a rooftop bar or a floating restaurant where you can get best of both worlds, a lovely sunset drink and a nice romantic dinner in the comfort of its air-conditioned lounge. That’s one criterion for the best dating places in Singapore.


cabin with dining royal albatross
Post-dinner does offer to adjourn the dinner date over a cup of coffee. Or at a dessert place which should be nearby as well but at a separate location. It will also give you more time with her and also for you to get to know one another more. You will that the ambiance in these places is relaxed and informal.

Finally, drive her off in style and drop her home before midnight. Or, at least, you should get her to text you when she is back home.

There are several places in Singapore for that all-important first date over a romantic dinner. One of them, Royal Albatross Sunset Sail, has proved to tick all the boxes. Serving as a prerequisite for the first date night. It oozes Romance, Exclusivity, Luxury, is informal but classy, both at the same time. Take the sunset sail aboard Singapore’s largest sailing yacht bound to sweep your partner off her feet. This will surely make a place in her memories and heart. If you are in need of dating ideas, Royal Albatross is the place for you and definitely one of the best dating places in Singapore.


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