New Year's resolution ideas


It’s 2020! have you decided on a New Year’s Resolution? As the glow of a fresh new year rolls in, you are probably excited to reset and plan the year ahead with optimism and drive.


With the motivation of a “new you” driving you to succeed, here are some resolutions to consider that can help spark positive changes and make 2020 your most fulfilling year yet.


1. Explore Your Natural Talent

Ever have those moments when you did something that thrilled you and completely lost track of time?
Now is the year to re-explore those activities that send you into happiness overdrive or put in the effort to find what you’re passionate about if nothing comes to mind right away. Do you love baking and writing? Cool. Start a dessert blog. Are you a natural comedian? Perfect. Hit up an improv comedy class. Everyone is blessed with a natural artistic gift or talent. Make 2020 the year you unleash the creative beast in you.


2. Explore Singapore Like a Tourist

While everyone loves traveling abroad and experiencing foreign cultures, exploring Singapore with a tourist’s frame of mind allows you to find new gems you might have overlooked before. You might be surprised with what you discover in our own backyard. For example, have you ever been on a luxury tall ship? Imagine dining and sailing on board the region’s only tall ship with a cozy ambiance, barefoot, while cruising along Singapore’s scenic cityscape. The phrase “dinner with a view” will take on a new meaning once you experience a magical evening on Royal Albatross. Go ahead and BOOK HERE, a little pampering is good for you.


3. Experience an Activity Outside Your Comfort Zone

Are you absolutely terrified of heights? Consider taking some baby steps towards conquering that fear. You can start with trying safe indoor rock climbing or any related activity. This stepping out gives you an opportunity to see what else you are capable of and extend your personal boundaries in order to create a more fulfilling year.


4. Get More Quality Sleep

Between work and all sorts of gadgets that beep, who has time for sleep?
But your ability to tackle a list of New Year’s resolutions starts with getting enough sleep. So, practice getting into bed just 30 minutes earlier, and each week you’ll add another 15 minutes of sleep per night. Set up a bedtime rule and in a month, you’ll be adding the right amount of zzz’s that is good for your immune system. Remember, well-rested people perform better. So please add “sleep better” to your resolutions!


5. Spend More Quality Time with Family

Resolutions involving spending time with people who matter most are not only more fun, but also help to strengthen bonds. If you’re unsure where to start, consider starting small such as: creating a good routine around family meal times “tech-free” or committing to a monthly get-together activity that everyone can look forward to. Family far away? Set up a weekly video call instead.


6. Plan A Solo Adventure

We’re certain you’re dreaming about doing it. There is something intensely special and soul nourishing about solo trips. Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to know yourself better, forces you to be a problem solver and gain valuable experiences about the world and variety of cultures. Just make sure to do advance planning and research about the place that you choose to solo travel through.


7. Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Every year, eating healthy and getting in shape are on the top list of New Year’s resolutions and also the most commonly broken ones. Simplify the process by making subtle yet realistic changes in your lifestyle. As a reminder, you can make simple “weight to go” goals, stick them to the fridge – so you can tick off each time you achieve them. It doesn’t have to be all at once. Choose to go slow but safe.


8. Digital Detox

Sometimes enjoying a good sunset or a good walk can become a challenge because it’s easy to get sucked in for hours mindlessly scrolling through the internet. Consider adding a once a month digital detox to your list. Give yourself time to log off and swap your phone for a good, old fashioned book. Doing this will make spending time with family and friends even more meaningful because you are 100% present.


9. Sign up for a Volunteering Assignment

New Year resolutions don’t have to center around you. Think about the causes that you are passionate about devoting your time and energy on. Doing something for the greater good allows you to gain new perspective about life that you can’t get anywhere. You may also learn something new about yourself too.


10. Practice Gratitude More Often

With gratitude comes a lot of benefits to our mental and physical well-being without having to set foot in the gym. Even just appreciating yourself more and giving yourself the same kindness you would give to a loved one can do wonders for your mindset. Look around you and look inside yourself. Write down the things you feel grateful for on a piece of paper and put them all into a jar. Then, look forward to doing that every day. These simple practices of grateful living hold the key to a fulfilling year.

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